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Early Control

As soon as we receive PO, our engineers will take over the new project and contact with customer to get all information confirmed. 

Generally, DFM Report, Moldflow Report (if needed) and Part Analysis Report will be submitted to customer for further review and approval.


Mold Design Review

1. All molds to be designed based on all information that confirmed by customer on DFM report.

2. A mold design review meeting will be organized to analyze the reasonability of mold structure and ensure all mold details match customer's facility.

3. Final mold design will be submitted to customer for confirmation before starting mold making.

♦ Manufacturing Process Control
1. Make a detailed timeline schedule for mold making and work out a perfect machining process. 

2. Project engineer checks progress regularly and submits weekly process report with pictures to keep the customer updated.

♦ Mold Trial Qualifying
1. Apply Scientific Test Process to qualify mold performance and detect all issues at T1. 

2. Check all dimensions on T1 samples according to the 2D part drawings. 

3. Send samples to customer for review and test.

4. Amend all issues based on customer's feedback.

 Finished Products & Shipment Inspection

Finished parts undergo final inspection by our Quality System Manager or shipping personnel prior to any shipment. All parts are visually inspected

and are carefully & compactly packaged to ensure their safe arrival to our customers at minimum cost.

♦ Customer Complain Handling

Once our sales representative receives your complaints, the engineering team will conduct a meeting for a solution within 48 hours.